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Using Infrared to Heal the Body and Mind

I discovered infrared therapy through my own journey to heal my body, mind, and soul. About six years ago, I had undergone major surgery and wanted to create a postoperative care program to speed up my recovery. I knew that the best way for my body to heal and for my recovery to be quick and successful, I had to focus on therapies and modalities that can detox my body and reduce inflammation. 

Through my research, I learned that infrared therapy can do both to help speed up my post-surgery recovery. Not only that, I learned that infrared therapy has many other benefits. It helps relieve chronic pain, increase metabolism, detox the body of heavy metals, rejuvenate the skin, improve circulation, lower cortisol levels, soothe sore muscles, improve brain function and cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, and encourage deeper sleep. 

Once I tried infrared therapy, it became an integral part of my postoperative care. Even though I tried it for the first time six years ago, I still remember the immense relaxation I felt afterward, and how well I slept that night! To this day, infrared therapy continues to be a part of my wellness journey. It’s also a healing modality that I recommend to everyone.

But what exactly is infrared therapy? Infrared is a type of light energy that falls right outside the visible light spectrum. We perceive it as a reddish light with a warm, gentle heat. The wavelength of infrared actually penetrates beyond the surface of our skin to promote healing on a cellular level. It is absolutely safe, even for newborns. Hospitals use it to warm premature babies in the NICU and even to help new moms heal their bodies after giving birth. 

Infrared therapy is widely available in different forms, including infrared saunas and infrared heating mats. Infrared saunas are similar to traditional saunas, but they’re set to a lower temperature so the heat doesn’t feel stifling. Instead, you feel your body detoxing as you sweat. A lot of people find themselves feeling relaxed, cleansed and energized after a session in an infrared sauna.

When I’m not close to an infrared sauna or if I want a quick dose of infrared therapy at home, I turn to my healing stones infrared mats.  My favorite is my rainbow stones chakra mat.  Not only does it deliver infrared energy, but the natural crystals align the seven chakras for cleansing and balancing. I find it so easy to meditate, practicing a savasana pose, while I’m laying on top of it.

Have you tried infrared therapy before? If so, what’s your favorite way to enjoy infrared?

XO - Serena

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