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Total Solar Eclipse and Black

Yesterday's Total Solar Eclipse and Black Moon were not only magical and beautiful, but it represented a day that connected all of us, all our energies and all of our hearts. 

How lucky and blessed we are to bear witness to such a once-in-this-lifetime experience. As with all new moons, it is a time of reflection, release and completion so that we can shift, align and connect to our deeper potential and our power to manifest our dreams and visions. 

As part of our eclipse magic, we cleansed our spaces, devoted time to meditate journaled our intentions and honored one of our favorite healing stones, Citrine. This golden crystal aligns with the sun energy of the solar eclipse and is known for manifesting abundance and prosperity. It also promotes self-confidence, vitality and dissipates negative energies. 

Everyone has their own ways of celebrating life, mother nature and magic.

XO - Serena

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