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Supercharge This Rare Lunar Eclipse

We’re blessed with an incredible lunar eclipse this year, a supercharged Blood Moon. On July 27th, the lunar eclipse will be 104 minutes, the longest eclipse in a century! Lunar eclipses occur when the earth sits perfectly aligned between the sun and the moon. The earth filters the sun’s light to the moon, giving the moon a distinguished reddish glow, or a “Blood Moon.” It will be a rather intense lunar eclipse where our emotions and senses are heightened. Leo, Aquarius and Capricorn babies may find it even harder to control their emotions, but that’s alright!

During an eclipse, we feel a shift in the energy around us as the energy between the sun, the moon, and the earth is temporarily interrupted. This shift forces us to pause, to reflect, and to shake things up.

Take advantage of this rare Blood Moon to reflect on our lives, to cut ties with parts of our past that weigh us down, and to reset before we move forward.

First, cleanse your energy with an aura cleansing mist, which you’ll soon be able to find in my wellness shop. Supercharge your crystals by placing them by the window or even better, in the direct moonlight. For this Blood Moon, I recommend reaching for calming crystals like lepidolite, ocean jasper, or aquamarine. Place your crystal of choice on your third eye and meditate on letting go of the past, of embracing the present, and following the light of a new journey. Trust that the darkness will always pass and that you’ll emerge from the shadow even fresher and brighter.

Finish this rare Blood Moon ritual by writing two lists. The first, a gratitude list. Write down what you are grateful from your past and place it under the moonlight. There, it’ll deepen your gratitude of the past while attracting new experiences for the future. The second list, your release list, will contain everything you want to release. Burn the list or offer it into a body of water.

What are you grateful for this Blood Moon, and what are you looking to release?

XO - Serena

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