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Simplifying Self-Care with an Easy Morning Routine

A lot of us still think of self-care as a luxury rather than a priority. The idea of spending time at a spa when you have responsibilities at home or at work make a lot of us feel guilty like we’re not maximizing our time.


As a first generation Asian American, I completely understand that mentality. I was brought up with the mindset to study hard, work hard, and burn long hours to achieve success. The journey to embracing and realizing the importance of self-care was a struggle. I had to recognize that the go-go-go mentality doesn’t equate to success as there’s no balance. Instead, it makes it harder to focus, to be present, and to put a structure to our days.


The reality is that it’s hard to carve out large chunks of time dedicated to self-care. That’s why I value a simplified approach to self-care. We may not always have time to unplug and meditate for 30 minutes, but we can practice mindfulness and being present throughout the day. Instead of going through the grocery list when you’re playing with your kids or reading the news while you’re eating, try to live in that present moment. It helps make all thoughts melt away for a moment.


Another simple approach to self-care is to establish a morning routine focused on nourishing your body. I start my day with three easy steps that I take as a moment to myself:


1)    Drink warm lemon water – this helps detox and alkalize your body, flushing out your system and waking you up

2)    I have a glass of celery juice and then follow that with a shot of wheatgrass.

3)    I finish my routine with a matcha latte or Just Add Water™


If you’re new to establishing a morning routine that’s all about you, start with step one. As you become accustomed to that routine, build on it by adding the shot of wheatgrass or taking 5 deep breaths. Some people add on a quick yoga stretch while others go for a jog. Whatever your morning routine looks like, remember to be present.


I recently shared more about my morning routine and small but impactful ways I practice self-care on Good Morning Lalaland. Check out the segmentand tell me what you think!


I’m also going to be sharing more of my wellness and self-care tips on a brand new show on Focus TV. The best part? I get to bring on some of my closest friends who happen to also be wellness experts to share their tips with all of you! Stay tuned for more details!


XO - Serena

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