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Should You Take Melatonin? (How to Get Great Sleep)

Can you picture vividly that feeling of waking up refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day? If not, it might have been a long time since you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Maybe you’ve tried some melatonin gummy supplements to help fall asleep and stay asleep! Many of my clients and friends have asked me about supplementing with melatonin to get better sleep at night, and what the effects are on health and wellness.

Did you know that melatonin is a natural hormone produced in your body? There are certain reasons why your body isn't producing this sleep hormone when you need it to. Here's what you might need to change about your health and nighttime routine in order to get the rest your body needs. 

I'll be answering these questions in the blog below : 

What are the effects of taking melatonin supplements?

How do you know if you need melatonin? What is the best brand?

What are some other ways to get better sleep? 

Why It Is ESSENTIAL To Get Good Sleep

One of the most important factors in our healthy habits for sanity and our immune system is GOOD SLEEP.  Sleep deprivation has been linked to immune system failure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, and memory loss. Just sleeping poorly for one night can result in faster aging of your skin, storing extra body fat, and your body being as insulin-resistant as that of a type-2 diabetic. It is also essential to brain health and function.

How Melatonin Helps You Get Good Sleep

What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by your pineal gland that regulates inner circadian rhythms. Because of this, melatonin supplements are commonly used to help people find balance when jet lagged or experiencing sleep disorders. It is clinically shown to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. This powerful hormone has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties that help to prolong muscle strength, support muscle recovery, and may help protect against cancer. Natural production of this hormone in the body decreases as we age. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is essential in the process of melatonin being created, and vitamin B6 helps convert tryptophan into melatonin. 

What Disrupts Melatonin Levels? Melatonin production in our body is governed by light exposure. In bright light, melatonin production decreases, while in darkness, production increases. In a perfect world, this hormone is being properly produced and released in the body in accordance with the sun and moon. Melatonin levels should naturally increase before bedtime, helping our bodies get to sleep, and decrease in the morning with the sunshine and lights. Exposure to bright lights from tv, cell phones, and laptops before bed or even just turning on a light in the middle of the night will disrupt our natural circadian rhythm. 


How To Incorporate Melatonin 

Should You Take A Melatonin Supplement?  Experimenting with a supplement in addition to including more whole foods, is an effective method to improving sleep. Especially when paired with the other night time routine tips mentioned above. According to the National Sleep Foundation, melatonin is not addictive on a short term basis and does not cause symptoms of withdrawal. Some people also say they struggle to fall asleep after using melatonin supplements for extended periods of time.  

I recommend my two supplements LOVE MY SLEEP and SWEET DREAMS to help ease into a deep restorative sleep and support calm brain activity to help the body’s natural ability to stay asleep. Both of these supplements contain melatonin as well as blends of botanicals, nutrients, and neurotransmitter precursors designed to support quality, restful sleep. 

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Foods High in Melatonin : 

Pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, eggs, fish, grapes, tart cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms


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