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Serena Loces with Guest Robin Kuehne of Cryohealthcare

I’m so excited to release one of my first episodes of Serena Loves TV where I sit down with Robin Kuehne, the co-founder and co-owner of @Cryohealthcare ❄️ and @EmmasCoffeeCo ☕️ in West Hollywood.

Cryotherapy is an increasingly popular holistic wellness modality utilizing cold therapy for treatment. Using liquid nitrogen, temperatures are reduced to ranges between -240ºF and -270ºF!! Some benefits of cryotherapy are anti-aging, inflammation reduction, pain treatment, fat freezing and mood enhancement. In this episode, I’ll get treated to a mini cryofacical! The intense cold helps collagen production, as well as tighten and firm up the skin for more immediate results. A super cool, quick and easy beauty boost!

Check out the full segment on my Youtube Channel!

XO - Serena

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