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Self-Care Sunday with Cleansing Sage

Have you ever used White Sage to clear the energy in your room or your home? Would you like to know how?

Start off your Sunday self-care with a little bit of meditation and some mindful cleansing of your space.
It's important to cleanse new items that you bring into your home. Like all those packages that deliver to your doorstep, they carry energy from all the different people and places that have come into contact with it. Before a new purchase makes a place for itself in your space, make sure to cleanse it with some white sage, so that the energy that surrounds it, is now yours.

DIRECTIONS: Hold bottom of bundle and light with flame until smoking occurs. If flames appear, gently shake or blow on bundle to tame. Cleanse your space, new items or your body by walking through rooms and directing smoke where your want to cleanse.

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XO - Serena

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