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Retreat Your Mind With Floatation Therapy

It’s not easy to find absolute peace and quiet, especially when our phones go off every two seconds. Our senses are so bombarded by light, sound, taste, smell and even gravity that it’s hard to center ourselves and hear own thoughts.

When I need a moment to retreat to be alone with myself, I turn to floatation therapy. Some places also call floatation therapy sensory deprivation therapy as you’re completely in the dark, floating as if gravity didn’t exist. Eleven on Stranger Things actually does a version of floatation therapy in Season 1 to enhance her innate psychic abilities.

While floatation therapy sounds a little intense (and the experience itself can be quite profound), the premise of floatation therapy is simple—float centers offer pods or tanks filled with body temperature water mixed with 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt in a soundproof, lightproof tank or pod. This salt mixture provides tons of buoyancy, letting you float effortlessly by simply laying down with your belly up.  

The experience is not only great at soothing sore muscles, relieving chronic pain and speeding up the body’s healing process, it also provides an emotional relief. Our body’s stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are lowered while our body produces more epinephrine. It’s like pressing a reset button for our mind and body!

Fair warning, it can be a bit intimidating to be alone with only our thoughts in a silent, pitch black bath. The first time I tried it, even I was taken aback, and I felt my mind racing even faster as there was nothing to drown out my thoughts. But once I became more mindful of my breath and my body, I found that I was able to experience a deeper meditation. I was able to simultaneously let go while enjoying greater mental clarity.

Because self-care to me means putting myself first, being entirely alone in a float pod helps me reconnect to myself. I always feel so re-energized and completely calm and relaxed, and I find that I’m able to sleep better for a few days! Because floatation therapy acts as a reset button, I’ve actually found it be beneficial after traveling, helping my body adjust to jet lag.

When I’m not able to get to a float center, I still take a bath with my favorite salt mixes, which I’ll soon be sharing in my wellness shop!

Have you tried floatation therapy before? What was your experience like?

XO - Serena

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