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Plant-Based Sleep Aids To Add To Your Sleep Routine 

Sleep has a profound effect on our overall well-being. Quality, consistent sleep keeps hormones balanced, improves brain function, often is associated with weight loss/management, improves skin, hair, and nail health, lowers the risk for all kinds of diseases, and so much more! 

People are usually aware of the many benefits that come with sleep, but the problem is usually that people can’t fall asleep and/or stay asleep, which leads to anxiety and a whole host of other issues. If you’ve ever had a restless night - you know the feeling and it’s not a good one! This is why I want to provide you with insight on what you can do to maximize your chances of a good night sleep. These plant-based sleep aids have been around for a long time, and have been shown to be very helpful in the sleep department.

I had the opportunity to be a guest on The Doctors TV Show and talk to Dr. Ian Smith about these very sleep aids. I shared some ingredients that will help promote a good night’s sleep, including Passionflower and Tulsi tea. These two are a power combo that work to slow down the brain and reduce anxiety. Plus, tart cherry juice is a natural form of melatonin. I also shared a recipe for a great way to start your day! Beginning the day with veggies sets you up for success and helps keep your immune system in fighting shape, which in turn helps with sleep. The following information is very useful for anyone who has trouble sleeping. Please pass this along to your friends and family or anyone you know that struggles with sleep deprivation and/or insomnia.


Watch the full episode HERE.


Check out the full article HERE.


Get the recipe to my Veggie Hash HERE

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