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Finding Harmony, Purity and Clarity Through Tea Ceremonies

Sometimes when I’m feeling off balanced, I find it so calming and soothing to drink tea. Not only does the tea itself contain calming properties, the act of preparing tea mindfully can have a soothing effect.

The tranquilizing effect of ritualizing tea preparation has been noted for thousands of years. Tea ceremonies in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan are actually rooted in Zen Buddhism. The Classic of Tea, the first known book about tea written in the 8th century, delved into all aspects of tea preparation. Its author, Lu Yu, who was raised in a Buddhist monastery, felt that a mindful tea ceremony symbolized a means to attain harmony, clarity and purity. Buddhist monks adopted the tea ceremony as they found this slow start to mindfulness helped them stay focus through long meditation sessions. It’s believed that this ritualization of tea preparation and presentation also satisfies the soul.

Every culture follows unique steps in their various tea ceremonies that we can easily adapt to create our own tea ceremonies. Taiwan Tea Ceremony is focused on appreciating the aroma, the appearance and the taste of tea, including tea leaves. A separate scent or sniffer cup is used for guests to enjoy the tea fragrance! Japanese matcha tea ceremony not only focuses on the act of making tea, but it emphasizes contemplating the art and aesthetics of the tea room. The host takes time to appreciate the architecture of the room, the landscaping, the calligraphy scroll, the utensils and the floral arrangement.

Next time you brew yourself a cup of tea, make it into a ceremony. I will soon be sharing three of my favorite tea blends in my wellness shop: Pure Positivity Tea, Pure Energy Tea, and Pure Radiance Tea. Pure Positivity Tea contains an aromatic blend of organic sweet raspberries, apple, jasmine, hibiscus, rosehips and guayusa to raise your vibrations to a place of luminance and happiness. Pure Energy Tea is a white tea blend with organic blueberries to brighten your day and lift your vibe. Pure Radiance Tea brings a glow to you, inside and out, by nurturing your senses and nourishing your skin with a blend of organic rosehips and organic hibiscus.

Create your own tea ceremony to elevate a simple cup of tea.  Try sniffing tea leaves to take in their gorgeous aroma, noticing the way tea leaves unfurl, or even savoring its sweet aftertaste.  Arrange a bouquet of flowers and enjoy it while you sip your tea!

XO - Serena

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