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Fall In Love with Taking Care of Yourself

For so many of us, we think that if we practice proper diet and exercise, we've got our whole body wellness checked off. 

But an equally essential part of being healthy is practicing mindfulness and self-care. Most of us juggle incredibly full and busy lives and it can seem like a challenge to find the time to meal prep, or exercise or even meditate for a few minutes.  I know that with all of my responsibilities, the first thing I've always sacrificed in the interests of meeting the needs of others, is time for myself. 

But I made a commitment at the start of 2017. I made a commitment to myself that I would carve out a certain amount of time each day, for some sort of self care.  It can be the time I spend in the gym or a class, or time alone taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, meditating, journaling or even time in front of an indulgent show on Netflix. Whatever soothes your mind, your soul and your body can only enhance your ability to create, cultivate and produce when you're focused.  

So I hope you'll join me in my goals for #WellnessWednesday every day and "fall in love with taking care of yourself".  

XO - Serena

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