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Excited to Add this Supplement to My Daily Health Regimen

This post is written in partnership with ChromaDex, the scientific innovators of TRU NIAGEN®, but all opinions expressed below are my own and based on my personal experience using the product.

It’s been about two months now that I’ve been taking a special supplement called Tru Niagen, and I’m excited to share my experience and feedback with all of you.

The key ingredient in Tru Niagen is NIAGEN®, which is a patented form of vitamin B3, or nicotinamide riboside chloride, that is clinically proven to effectively increase the body’s natural ability to replenish NAD levels. Why is this SO important? Because everything that we do relies on NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), as it is a compound that is found in every cell of our bodies. It enables the transfer of energy from the food we eat to the mitochondria which converts it to cellular energy. As an essential regulator of metabolism, NAD contributes to our energy levels, our fitness, our circadian rhythms, and our bodies’ ability to perform cellular repairs.

Unfortunately, as much as we need this compound for everything we do—from breathing to sleeping—our bodies don’t just produce an endless supply of it. We actually lose as much as 50% of our NAD levels between the ages of 40 and 60! The everyday stressors of life like overeating or having a bit too much alcohol on the nights we’re out celebrating can cause NAD to decrease, too. The reason why I’m so excited about Tru Niagen is because it is the only supplement that has demonstrated a clinically proven way to safely increase your body’s ability to replenish these NAD levels.

I’m especially impressed because during my 2 months trying out Tru Niagen, I had to have a minor surgery (which was basically a follow-up to my life-threatening surgery that I had to have in December of 2017) and I stopped taking all supplements for 2 weeks. This is standard preoperative prep that I put my clients on, as well as myself. Two weeks before surgery, I minimized supplements and really amped up the juices and broths to cleanse and oxygenate the body. During these two weeks, I did notice a difference in my body from NOT taking certain supplements, including Tru Niagen. I noticed that I didn’t have quite as much energy, and when I woke up I wasn’t feeling quite as well-rested. I feel a shift in energy when I am optimizing my body with supplements that are designed to help boost cellular energy levels. With Tru Niagen, I’ve really felt a difference in my own body—without any negative side effects. I love that it’s a product with no animal byproducts. It’s a supplement that I’ve recommended to both friends and clients and I’m happy to share the benefits with all of you now!

XO - Serena

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