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Easy Tips To Staying Hydrated

Hydration is one of the biggest principles in my philosophy for optimal whole body wellness and health. It’s particularly important for our beauty goals and achieving that very natural, youthful, dewy glow that can be created temporarily with great makeup, but ten times better when you look that way makeup free. Especially when we are preparing for memorable moments in our lives, you want to have this glow all day and all night long. What’s the best way to make sure you’re staying hydrated enough in the days leading up to your big day? Here’s a few tips:


  •    My advice to clients is to have a goal of at least 1 ounce per pound that you weigh. Ideally, you can add another 1 liter on top of that. 

  •    Bring a large (at least 32 ounces) water bottle/container with you everywhere. Pick out a cute one that you won’t mind having with you, as this will become your sidekick and BFF for the next X amount of days. Convenience helps to create habits, so if the water is right in front of you all the time, it’s much easier to remember to do it.

  •    Keep prepped fresh lemons, cucumber, orange slices, fruit (berries), mint in your fridge and ready-to-go if flavored water is your preference and helps you to drink water.

  •    Set reminder alarms on your phone or computer if you’re someone who can get distracted or preoccupied with what you’re doing throughout the day and your bottle buddy becomes an unnoticeable part of the office or home fixture — set an alarm for every 30-45 minutes to take a swig.

  •    Make a point to start your day every morning with a cup of warm lemon water. You’ll wake up your body, your mind and your taste buds with gentle flavors. As you flush out and detox the night before, you’ll also lessen any the cravings for heavier flavors (salty and sweet). 

  •    Order 2 glasses of water (as opposed to 1) when you are at meals dining out. It will help remind you, as well as help your guests to remind you, that you need to be drinking a little more water leading up to the big day!

  •    Add some hydrating, water-dense fruits (like watermelon, pineapples, etc) to your day

  •    If you like coconut water, add it to your daily water intake, but thin it out a little by making it 2/3 coconut water and 1/3 water or 1/2 and 1/2 just to add a little more flavor to your hydration efforts! 

  •    Choose a high-quality water that TASTES GREAT and you will enjoy it more and it will be easier to drink more of it.


XO - Serena

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