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Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I love soaking in the people, flavor, and energy of different cities and towns around the world. I’m truly lucky that my work takes me to so many interesting locations. But when you’re overwhelmed by a whole new city, different people, the rush of new energy you can forget to cleanse and maintain your personal energy. 

Traveling can get a little wary and stressful, from long flights to the occasional travel delay or the jet lag from adjusting to new time zones. Our auras are constantly interacting with the people and places around us. They can absorb both positive and negative energies, knowingly and unknowingly. These foreign energies can leave us feeling unbalanced, ungrounded, and unlike ourselves. This energy drain can dampen the joy of traveling.

As an energy healer, it’s very important for me to regularly cleanse my aura. That’s why I like to travel with an energy cleansing kit. I keep an aura cleansing mist, some cleansing supplies, and healing crystals. My energy cleansing kit consists of sage bundles, Palo Santo sticks, and matches for smudging. 

A simple cleansing ritual for negative energy is to light the sage to cleanse the area or person of any negative energy. Palo Santo can be used to purify energy by setting the space for what energy you want. The Palo Santo is used to set the intention for the energy you want to attract. You can use this ritual in your hotel or on yourself whenever you leave a space that leaves you feeling energetically overwhelmed. But, you won’t want to try this ritual in a rental car. You don’t want to risk any charges for smoking in the car.

Crystals like selenite, obsidian, smoky quartz and black tourmaline are fantastic aura purifiers. You can wear these crystals or use them to sweep away negative energy. An aura cleansing mist aligns your aura. The rose water and healing crystals in my brand of mist open your heart chakra to love and kindness. By cleansing our energy fields and balancing our aura, we can truly be “in the moment” and can capture all the joy we come across.

I also like to include a candle in my kit. It can be white to invite cleansing energy, black to ward of negativity, or red or pink for love energy. A candle can help you more closely connect to your energy and invite the energy you want into your aura, body, and space. 

This kit makes sure you can more effectively manage your energy. You can rid yourself of any strange energies that you don’t want around you. Also, by cleansing your energy you reset your vibration.


A True Travel Story 

During my last trip to Europe, I actually absent-mindedly forgot my energy cleansing kit. The trip did not start off on the best foot. The first hotel I stayed at in Barcelona felt like a hollow and dark part of an otherwise beautiful and bright city. My friend, a fellow energy healer, noted that my hotel was in a “dead zone.” I knew I had to immediately switch hotels. 

Luckily, I happened upon a store that carried everything needed to create a cleansing kit. I was able to rebalance my body, mind, and energy. This led me to a magical moment during my trip.

I took a moment to visit the San Jerónimo El Real in Madrid. It’s a church that’s called to me in past visits and one I always return to. It sits across from the historic Prado Museum, the National Art Museum of Spain, which houses incredible collections of European art. 

After lighting candles for my Daddy, Grandpa, and my late mentor and client, Garry Marshall, I stepped outside and took a photo of the museum. It had the bright sun behind it. I didn’t think the picture would turn out well due to the lighting but thought nothing more of it. 

Two days later as I was looking through my photos, I noticed a green orb dancing in the left corner of the photo! I’ve been told that when you capture an orb of light in a photo, that orb is really an angel. It reminded me that being in the moment and clearing my aura of foreign energies allows me to enjoy being in the presence of angels!

Next time you’re planning a trip, remember to pack your energy cleansing kit and aura cleansing mist. I’m sharing my favorite healing supplies with you in my new Things I Love – Serena Loves Wellness Shop!

XO - Serena


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