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4 Rituals For Positive Change In Your Life

One of the most powerful things that you can do to live a more productive, inspired, centered life where miracles happen every day is to create a routine. The key is for your routine to be able to travel with you. No matter where you are, you can perform most of the rituals that set you up for an optimal day. Rituals have been a part of humanity for centuries across cultures. Having deep meaning and belief attached to actions you perform daily can truly change your mindset and even future. 

These four rituals are proven to put you in the mindset, and direct your energy toward being your best self. 

  1. Practicing gratitude
  2. Meditation
  3. Aligning your work with your purpose
  4. Doing something generous and kind for someone else

Rituals for A Day Full Of Positive Energy

There are many ways to incorporate these thematic rituals into your day by creating practices and routines. There are morning routines, mid-day resets, and evening routines that you can create - but if you don’t have any regular rituals yet, I suggest beginning with just one of these. Your morning routine should include self-care, hydration, gratitude, and a method to create an empowering mindset. Your evening routine should reduce stress, include self-care, a review of your day or intentions for tomorrow,, and time with loved ones. You can also add mid-day rituals that reset your energy, refuel your creativity, or calm stress.

My routine is continually changing and evolving to best serve the season of life I’m in, but here are a few practices that I incorporate into my routine that may be beneficial to yours. 

Experiment with the different ideas listed below and see what works best for you! 


1. Hydrate

  • Drink 8 oz warm lemon water with a splash of chlorella 

2. Gratitude

  • Journal one thing you’re grateful for on each of these subjects : health, relationships, finances, yourself. Here is inspiration on how and the power of a gratitude journal in my life. 
  • Prayer, meditation, or spiritual study 
  • Culinary Alchemy® - pour those feelings of gratitude into your matcha or coffee, spread the love you feel for life and for yourself all over your toast with that avocado

3. Self-Care

  • Get some sunshine! Waking up with the sun is beneficial to your health, and even better for you when you get 5-10 minutes of sunshine on your skin upon waking.
  • Move your body - a walk, stretching, or exercise can get your blood. metabolism, and your brain moving without caffeine!
  • Cleanse your skin and moisturize, try my Aura Cleansing Mist with organic Bulgarian rosewater
  • Light a candle to inspire you to be present and focused - Try my Raise Your Vibrations candle  

4. Empowerment 

  • Make a list of goals for the day - remember, obstacles happen but it’s best to have direction. Don’t be hard on yourself if they don’t all get done. 
  • Mantras - do you have a mantra you can say to get yourself into your superpower, confident mindset? 
  • Make a cup of matcha or a Just Add Water® smoothie for healthy energy 

5. Serving

  • Making coffee or breakfast for a loved one
  • Calling a friend to see if they need anything today
  • Writing thank you letters
  • Leaving positive encouraging comments 

Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life


  • 5 min meditation
  • Stretching or exercising - go for a mental break walk and get some vitamin D if you can
  • Have a glass of water and a healthy snack (combination of protein & healthy fats & carbs)
  • Do something that makes you laugh or smile - watch a funny video, play with your pet, talk to a friend
  • Do something nice for someone else - get out of selfish mode
  • Take breaks during your day for creativity - spend 30-45 minutes of seriously focused time with no distraction, and then take 5 minutes to reset and maybe move your body (do not look at work or think about it) 


  • Turn off all social media an hour before bed
  • Skin care routine
  • Eating a snack naturally high in melatonin
  • Try banana tea or a low-sugar turmeric tea mix
  • Review the day for 5 minutes in a journal - what went well, what would you have done differently, what made you smile, what you ate, how your body feels
  • Plan tomorrow or the week ahead


Final Thoughts :  

These ideas for rituals and a routine can serve your life in a big way. The intention behind a routine is to put yourself in the mindset to be open to opportunity, grateful for where you are now, and centered on your goals. Most of the successful people you look up to likely have a routine for their morning and, or, evening. Find out what theirs is and try to model it! Remember to test different rituals to find out what empowers you most.

XO - Serena

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