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3 Healthy Habits for a Tasty Memorial Day

My favorite thing about Memorial Day is the food. I just adore picnics and cookouts with friends as we share our first real taste of summer. It’s so wonderful, so relaxing, and so delicious!

But, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and overindulge or consume things that don’t really serve us. We’ve all been there… maybe you can’t resist one more glass of chilled rosé or you start mindlessly snacking on chips. It all feels so fun in the moment. But then, the next day, and maybe even for the next week, you end up trying to rebalance your system.

Maybe your sleep is disrupted. Maybe your digestion goes crazy. Or maybe you end up with a surprise break-out.

Our bodies all respond to overindulgence in different ways but you know the signs when you see them. And it can leave you wondering, “what was I thinking?!”

Here are three ways that I’ve learned to eat more mindfully to avoid that feeling that comes when I’ve chosen to put things in my body that don’t truly bring me to my highest vibration.

Hopefully this will help you navigate your Memorial Day fun as you find the balance between the carefree summertime vibes and your desire to truly nurture yourself.


Chew each bite of food at least 21 times.

One thing that helps me to eat more mindfully, especially when I’m eating with a group of friends, is to remind myself to chew each bite of food at least 21 times. This does a few things for you. First, you’re aiding digestion by properly breaking down any food before you swallow it, making things easier for your tummy! And second, you’re giving your brain enough time to register all of the food that you’re eating, making you less prone to overeat in a rush, feeling too full and uncomfortable later.


Stay hydrated.

We all hear this advice often enough, it’s because staying hydrated is critical to our wellbeing. And when you’re celebrating Memorial Day at cookouts and picnics and parties, you’ll need to drink lots of H2O for a few reasons. Warmer temperatures mean you’ll be sweating more, meaning you need to up your water intake. If you’re drinking, alcohol is dehydrating and you’ve got to add extra water to your day to balance your system. And often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re really just dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water before eating or snacking can often quell your urge to grab something to munch on. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water to help your body feel its best!


Put your fork down in between bites.

This might sound silly, but it really helps me stop overeating when I put my utensils down after each bite I take. When you put your utensils down between bites, you’re less likely to put more food into your mouth while you’re already chewing. It helps remind you to take time to enjoy the flavors and sensations of the food you’re eating. And it helps you to slow down, eating at a pace that aids digestion, helps you feel your best, and really let’s you enjoy the conversation and company you’re sharing.

I’m here to optimize and heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the people I serve. And the best way I’ve found to do this is with my Culinary Alchemy. For years, I’ve practiced Culinary Alchemy - combining intuitive energetic techniques with guidance and education on functional and spiritual nutrition, integrating how food affects our bodies on a physiological level, and how it affects our energetic bodies.

If you’ve ever overindulged or eating low vibration food that you know won’t make you feel good, then you probably understand how powerful the connection is between what you eat and your overall wellbeing.

And while there’s so much more I want to share with you about how to feel most fabulous (because YOU ARE fabulous) this Memorial Day weekend, I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short.  

Now that you have a few ways to navigate your Memorial Day celebrating and feasting mindfully, which tip do you think you’ll try? I can’t wait to hear from you.


XO - Serena

 PS - have any questions about Culinary Alchemy?? Leave a comment below or send me an email! XO

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