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3-Day Glowing Beauty Cleanse

This cleanse is meant to achieve that Red Carpet Radiance. If you want to maintain your healthy glow, continue drinking a glass or two a day of Luminous Elixir with your regular diet. The juice will stay fresh for 2-3 days!

Cheers to good health!

XO - Serena

3-Day Glowing Beauty Cleanse

START EACH MORNING with a warm cup of lemon water and a few drops of Chlorophyll. This will brighten your skin, detox your liver and balance your body’s pH levels.  Next, divide up your Luminous Elixir (see recipe below) into 3 portions and have your first glass after your lemon water.  

FOR LUNCH enjoy a green, leafy salad with any other vegetables as toppings and a protein of your choice if you need it. Just make sure that nothing is cooked in oil and that you just use some fresh-squeezed lemons as your dressing, not oil.

BETWEEN LUNCH & DINNER have glass #2 of Luminous Elixir.

FOR DINNER have another salad similar to lunch.

BEFORE BED enjoy your third glass of Luminous Elixir.

Luminous Elixir Recipe

Yields 32-34 oz, 1 Full Day of Servings


- 6 LEAVES Organic Tuscan/Black Kale

- ½ BUNCH Organic Spinach (unbagged preferred)

- ½ BUNCH Organic Italian Parsley

- 4 STALKS Organic Celery

- 2 WHOLE Organic Cucumbers

- 1 HEAD Organic Romaine Lettuce


1.     Thoroughly rinse each of the 6 ingredients

2.     Cut the vegetables into smaller size, appropriate for your juicer

3.     Alternating juicing the harder vegetables with the leady ones (especially if using a masticating juicer)

4.     Transfer your juice into an airtight container, preferably anything BPA-free and keep refrigerated. Or divide it into 3 portions to drink throughout the day.


Add lemon, lime or ginger for extra flavor

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